Welcome to Bow Salon, where beauty meets passion and dedication. Our story began in 2019 with Juliera, a determined and driven mother, who sought to create a better life for her growing family while cherishing precious moments with her young son. With a lifelong love for braiding and a keen eye for style, Juliera embarked on a journey that would ultimately transform her life and the lives of countless others.

As a child, Juliera found joy in braiding hair for friends, family, and even herself. It was a skill she cultivated over the years, a talent that she carried with her into adulthood. Seeking a way to earn extra income without compromising her time with her son, Juliera turned to online platforms like Craigslist and eventually discovered Styleseat, where her talent quickly garnered attention.
By 2021, Juliera had become one of the top hair braiders in the Boston area, drawing clients from across New England. But for Juliera, it was never just about braiding hair; it was about the transformative power of beauty and the joy of seeing her clients radiate with confidence and happiness.
Driven by her passion for her craft and fueled by the love of her clients, Juliera continued to pursue excellence. She attended cosmetology school and enrolled in various beauty classes, expanding her knowledge and skills to better serve her growing clientele.
At Bow Salon, we believe in the power of passion, creativity, and above all, the love of God. These values have been the driving force behind Juliera’s journey and the success of Bow Salon. Each appointment is an opportunity to create beauty, build relationships, and make a positive impact in the lives of others.
Join us at Bow Salon, where every client is welcomed with warmth, care, and a commitment to excellence. Experience the difference that passion and dedication can make, and let us help you look and feel your best, inside and out.
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